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Savings all in
One App

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image of onboarding save, wallet address screens of useflip app

flip is packed

with features to help power your life with crypto.

image of feature of useflip which are cashback, virtual cards, spendings, savings, 6% apy
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Grow Your
Wealth. Like
Never Before

6% Annual
percentage yield

No lock up time

Get started in
59 seconds

365 days of
Uninterrupted returns

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a gif aki and pawpaw savings
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Unlock more
ways to spend
your crypto

Flip Pay

Seamlessly pay any Fluidcoins merchant directly through the Flip mobile app.

Virtual Cards

Spend with confidence online through our crypto-powered virtual cards.

gif showing aki and pawpaw screaming after calculating the money they have spent

Moving your
money just
got easier

Send and receive money
anytime, anywhere with
just your Flip tag

image of flip tags of fluidcoins members

Seamlessly send out your
crypto to any address of
your choice

image of a qr code image of usdt, usdc, busd

Easily make payouts to USD
bank accounts outside

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